1 Month Reward Boost

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Package Description


+ 50% Reward Point Boost (1 Month)

- Increases the Reward Points you gain by + 50%. 

- Stacks with all other Reward Point Boosts including VIP Ranks (does not stack with itself, meaning you can't buy multiple of this Boost to stack its benefits with itself).

- Reward Points are used with our In-Game Reward Point Store to purchase most things that are purchasable via our Online Store, providing players with maximum flexibility. If you prefer to purchase perks with in-game reward points, an RP Boost might be a good option for you!

- Reward Points are earnable via 14+ Methods and counting: Voting / Playtime / 3x Mini-Games / Being In a Clan / VIP Ranks / Achievements / 4x Town Crier Events / Player Leaderboards / Clan Leaderboards

- This Reward Boost lasts for 1 Month.

*Please allow up to 2 minutes processing for your order to show up in-game.