Fearless (1 Month)

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Package Description



Previous Rank Perks

4,000 Reward Points 

+ 1,000 Bonus Reward Points!

Exclusive In-Game Title [FEARLESS]

Exclusive Discord Title [FEARLESS]

+ 6 Levels for Hunter Rank

+ 20 Reward Points Per Hour

+ 50% VIP+ Reward Boost

+ 50% VIP+ XP Boost

+ 50% XP Limit Per Hour

1 Full RPG Respec

1 Talent Respec

1 Attribute Respec

1 Birthsign Respec


Previous Rank Perks

- This includes the Dynamic Weapon Crosshair, Show Researched Items, Sign Artist, and Skinbox Perks.

5,000 Reward Points (4,000 Base Amount + 1,000 Bonus)

- Reward Points are used with our in-game shop to purchase anything that is purchasable via our online shop.

Exclusive In-Game & Discord Titles [FEARLESS]

- [FEARLESS] will be proudly displayed with your name in-game and in the Discord.

+ 6 Levels for Hunter Rank

- Hunter Ranks are unlocked every 10 levels, and this perk will raise your effective character level as far as Hunter Ranks are concerned by 6. 

- So if you are Level 44 for example, you will be considered level 50 for Hunter Ranks, and unlock the Rank 5 (Level 50) Hunter Rank passive bonuses.

- Hunter Ranks grant players increased damage dealt and reduced damage taken from all NPC's, allowing players to take on higher level areas.

+ 20 Reward Points Per Hour

- An additional 20 Reward Points will automatically be gained per hour while in game.

+ 50% VIP+ Reward Boost

- Increases the Reward Points you gain by 50%. Stacks with other Reward Boosts.

- Reward Points are earnable via 8 Methods: Voting / Playtime / VIP Ranks / Achievements / Trivia / Giveaways / Player Leaderboards / Clan Leaderboards

+ 50% VIP+ XP Boost

- Increases the Experience Points you gain by 50%. Also increases the Maximum XP Per Hour Limit by 50%. Stacks with all other XP Boost Types.

1 Talent, Attribute, and Birthsign Respecs

- These Respecs may be used to reset your Birthsign, Attribute, and Talent Points.

- Respecs do not require any command and are simply added to your available number of respecs in the RPG UI.

- /talents /attributes /birthsigns to open the applicable UI's.

*Please allow up to 2 minutes processing for your order to show up in-game.