Fearless (1 Month)

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15,000 Reward Points 

Exclusive In-Game Title [FEARLESS]

Exclusive Discord Title [FEARLESS]


Sign Artist

Personal Skins

+ 45% Cooldown Reduction for Home Recall

+ 30% Activation Time Reduction for Home Recall

+ 6 Levels for Hunter Rank

+ 20 Reward Points Per Hour

+ 50% VIP+ Reward Point Boost

+ 50% VIP+ XP Boost

4 Full RPG Respecs

4 Talent Respecs

4 Attribute Respecs

4 Birthsign Respecs

4 1x Stat Rerolls


15,000 Reward Points

- Reward Points are used with our in-game store to purchase most things that are purchasable via our online store.

Exclusive In-Game & Discord Titles [FEARLESS]

- [FEARLESS] will be proudly displayed with your name in-game and in the Discord.


- Get access to thousands of Rust Skins.

- Type /skins and insert the item you wish to skin in the box on the right, choose your skin, and then take it back out. 

 Sign Artist

- Allows you to paste images and write text on signs.

- Type /sil to paste an image on a sign you have ownership of.

- Type /silt to write text on a sign you have ownership of.

Personal Skins

- Players are able to create their own personal list of Skins for use on the server. Any Skin on the workshop (even Skins they've created) can be directly imported to that player's personal list and used on the server (as long as it doesn't break our rules about illegal skins such as transparent/invisible ones, etc). 

- /myskins to display a list of your personal Skins.
- /myskins add skinid to add a Skin to your personal list.
/myskins remove skinid to remove a Skin from your personal list.

+ 45% Cooldown & 30% Activation Time Reductions for Home Recall

- Allows you to use the Home Recall feature much more frequently. 66 minute updated cooldown. 

- Allows you to use the Home Recall feature faster out in the world. 3 minutes 30 seconds updated activation time.

/recall to teleport yourself and your nearby owned mount to your home point.

+ 6 Levels for Hunter Rank

- Hunter Ranks are unlocked every 10 levels, and this perk will raise your effective character level as far as Hunter Ranks are concerned by 6. 

- So if you are Level 44 for example, you will be considered level 50 for Hunter Ranks, and unlock the Rank 5 (Level 50) Hunter Rank passive bonuses.

- Hunter Ranks grant players increased damage dealt and reduced damage taken from all NPC's, allowing players to take on higher level areas.

+ 20 Reward Points Per Hour

- An additional 20 Reward Points will automatically be gained per hour while in game.

+ 50% VIP+ Reward Point Boost

- Increases the Reward Points you gain by +50%. Stacks with other Reward Point Boosts.

- Reward Points are earned from any action in-game that provides XP as well as many other sources!

+ 50% VIP++ XP Boost

- Increases the Experience Points you gain by +50%. Stacks with all other XP Boost Types.

4 Full RPG, Talent, Attribute, and Birthsign Respecs

- These Respecs may be used to reset your Birthsign, Attribute, and Talent Points.

- Respecs do not require any command and are simply added to your available number of respecs in the RPG UI.

- /rpg /talents /attributes /birthsigns to open the applicable UI's.

4 1x Stat Rerolls

- These Rerolls may be used to generate new Stats on any Custom Item with 1 Stat.

- They can be used at a Research Table.

*Please allow up to 2 minutes processing for your order to show up in-game.