1 Implant

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1 Implant

- Implants allow players to unlock and tap into additional "Character Profiles" that have different RPG System Point selections. They offer no additional character power, only different RPG System choices per Implant. You can almost think of them like Character Slots. 

- This means different Birthsign, Attribute, Talent, Trait, and Ability point selections with each Implant.

- For every 10 Levels earned on a character's Main Implant, they get +100% Increased XP for all other Implants. This makes it so players don't need to level up each Implant at the pace of their Main. So if a character is Level 50 on their Main, all Implants would get an additional +500% XP Boost.

- Players can unlock a maximum of 10 Implants.

- /rpg to open the RPG UI to see how many specializations you have unlocked.

*Please allow up to 2 minutes processing for your order to show up in-game.